Slow and steady wins the race

LRT Capital is an investment fund based in Austin, TX founded by Lukasz R. Tomicki. Prior, Lukasz  cofounded and sold LobbyAssist, a technology company that developed software for tracking state campaign finance and legislation. LRT employs a proprietary and systematic long-short investment strategy that took years to develop. Our strategy is designed to minimize the risk of permanent capital loss. We offer investor friendly terms, high transparency, monthly liquidity, no lockups, and tax efficiency. 

We focus on moats, management and long growth runways – all three are sources of perpetual inefficiency and mispricing. Our flagship strategy, with over $100 million in assets under management, is 20-40% beta-adjusted net long and comprised of a portfolio of 60-80 long names which are hedged with 4-6 market index short positions. Since inception our strategy has outperformed the S&P 500, the Russell 2000 and all relevant hedge fund indexes by a wide margin. Winner of “Best Emerging Manager” Award.

LRT offers onshore and offshore commingled investment vehicles for HNW and Family Office investors. LRT Capital does not solicit or accept retail investors.