LRT Capital is a boutique hedge fund based in the heart of Texas

LRT Capital digs deep; doing primary source research to find undiscovered value and unexploited opportunities. Frenzied markets dominated by short-term traders, and index investors have created an opportunity for our style of qualitative and fundamentally-driven analysis.

LRT Capital is a long-biased, concentrated hedge fund based in Austin, TX. The firm was founded by Lukasz R. Tomicki. LRT has been managing a portfolio of public equities since 2006. After graduating from the Olin Business School in 2012, LRT operated as a private investment vehicle for Mr. Tomicki and his family. The fund opened its doors to outside investors in the third quarter of 2017.

Lukasz is an experienced entrepreneur. He cofounded and sold a technology company that developed software for tracking state campaign finance and legislation. He also worked in the political consulting industry where he worked with lobbyists, campaign managers and outside groups on structural reforms including improving public education, tax reform and economic growth policies. Few fund managers have such experiences to draw.

This combination of business experience and traditional security analysis drives investment decisions at LRT Capital where we invest as though it were our own money – because it is.