Investing with conviction to outperform in times of volatility and uncertainty

LRT Capital is a fundamental investment hedge fund based in Austin, TX. We look to invest exclusively in companies with sustainable competitive advantages, i.e., “moats”, purchased at attractive valuations and held for the long term. We currently offer two investment strategies, our flagship long-biased strategy (60-100% net long; 40-60% beta adjusted net long), and a market-neutral strategy which we offer on a first loss basis.

We focus on moats, management and long growth runways – all three are sources of perpetual inefficiency and mispricing. Although we focus on the preservation of capital our primary objective is to outperform the markets.


  • Qualitative processes are hard to replicate and arbitrage. There is no Bloomberg screen for switching costs or network effects.

  • Understanding a moat requires deep knowledge of a business – hard to achieve in a portfolio of 50+ stocks.

  • The presence of a moat makes the valuation of a business less uncertain and improves risk management.

  • Moats force you to take a long-term view – an advantage when other market participants are obsessed with quarterly results.

Our Research Process

To find investment candidates we perform fundamental research and detailed analysis of the nature of competition in the industries the investment candidates operate in. We invest exclusively in companies with strong and growing competitive advantages. Sources of competitive advantage include:

  • Patents, brands, licenses and other types of government approvals.
  • Process or scale based cost advantages
  • Switching cost
  • Network effects