Firm History

LRT Capital Management, LLC was founded by Lukasz R. Tomicki. LRT funds focus on long-term, tax-efficient and value-oriented investing with minimal portfolio turnover. Our portfolios are long biased and generally consist of 15 to 25 positions focused on companies with durable competitive advantages selected through bottoms up analysis.


Investment Philosophy & Principles
  • Our objective is to beat the S&P 500 after all fees and expenses.
  • Our management team has a large personal investment in the funds we manage.
  • Markets are short term focused and often miss-value companies with competitive advantages.
  • The best way to beat the market is through a value-oriented and long-term focused portfolio.
  • We make few, selective, and large investments, targeting approximately 20 positions.
  • We focus on detailed analysis of individual companies, not predicting short term price movements.
  • We use no derivatives, and no complex strategies.